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1st Research Colloquium on Product Arch. Design

Within the frame of the 1st Research Colloquium on Product Architecture Design, Avner Engel presented the AMISA project and its theoretical basics to the conference. This meeting took place at the 22nd of July 2011 at the Institute of Product Development, Technical University of Munich.

Read more: 1st Research Colloquium on Product Arch. Design

Technical-II meeting (MAN – Munich)

The AMISA consortium met in Munich at the location of MAN from the 19th until the 21st of July 2011 for the Technical Meeting II. TAU, TUM, IAI, MAN, TPPS and TTI attended this gathering. During the first day, the consortium focused on the requirements’ consolidation and closed all open issues. Further topics of the meeting were the financial options theory in terms of the Black-Scholes equation, variants and constraints of components and systems and the AMISA Primary Equation.

Read more: Technical-II meeting (MAN – Munich)

Requirements and Technical-I meeting (TPPS – Modena)

AMISA’s Technical Meeting-1 took place in Modena (Italy) on the 25th and 26th May 2011 and was hosted by Tetra Pak. On the first day, the consortium discussed the requirements and assigned a rank to every requirement. Furthermore, the Option Value, which will be calculated by the Black-Scholes equation, and the needed parameters were a topic of the meeting.

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AMISA Kickoff meeting (TUM – Munich)

The AMISA Consortium met for the first time in Munich at the Institute for Product Development, Technical University of Munich. The meeting took place from 6th till 8th April. All the participants of AMISA attended this meeting. After welcoming the project team by the host TUM and the coordinator TAU, the European Commission’s project officer Andrea Gentili talked to the consortium and explained the “Rules of engagement” in EC projects.

Read more: AMISA Kickoff meeting (TUM – Munich)

Launch of AMISA website

The project AMISA was launched in April 2011 to design European manufacturing industries adaptable to future needs. To inform you about the latest news, the goals of the project and the latest research results we installed this website. Here you will find new insights in Design for Adaptability.