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2nd FP7 NMP Manufacturing Management Projects Workshop in Glasgow

The University of Strathclyde invited representatives of all projects working on Manufacturing Management to a workshop. Dr. Avner Engel (Tel Aviv University), Maximilian Kissel (Technical University of Munich) and Carlo Leardi (Tetra Pak Italia) attended the workshop and presented the ideas and the status of AMISA. The event was a good opportunity to network with other EU-funded projects in this field and to exchange ideas, tools, and approaches. The event took place in Glasgow from 20th till 22nd March 2012.

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Technical-V meeting (IAI – Tel Aviv)

IAI invited the AMISA consortium for the Technical Meeting-V from the 28th February to the 1st March 2012. Before this meeting, the DFA-tool (RLS-00) was sent to the consortium members in order to enable the partners to install the tool on their machines and implement part of their pilot projects within this tool.

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Technical-IV meeting (TTI - Santander)

From the 13th until 15th December 2011, the Technical Meeting IV of the AMISA consortium took place in Santander (Spain) hosted by TTI. Beside the universities TAU and TUM, further industrial partners who attended the meeting were MAG switzerland, Tetra Pak, IAI and Optoelectronica. Every member introduced an example to the entire consortium in terms of the evolutionary forecast and the interface cost calculation. Tetra Pak presented “Cap applicators for Tetra Pak packages”, MAG switzerland “Production line for crystalline silicon modules “, IAI “Vehicle Localization System”, TTI “Solid State Power Amplifier” and Optoelectronica “Hologram Production Line”.

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Academic forum (TAU Tel-Aviv)

From the 27th until the 30th of October 2011, TAU, TUM and IAI met to discuss several technical issues. First, the team discussed some important subjects of the methodology. Several of these were the Black-Scholes equation and its variables, the adaptability factor and its further use, the architecture options and the AMISA Primary Equation.

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Technical-III meeting (MAG – Schaffhausen)

The Technical Meeting III took place from the 20th until 22nd September 2011 in Schaffhausen (Switzerland), hosted by MAG. The conference started with a review of the AMISA projects in terms of the requirements for a DFA Methodology and DFA Economic model and support tool and in terms of DFA’s state of the art.

Ensuing, the team discussed some technical issues, for instance the rules for forecasting evolution of technical systems as well as the pilot projects case studies. In addition, IAI gave a short overview on the theory of product lines.

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