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Technical-XIII Meeting – Project Closure Meeting (IAI – Tel Aviv, Israel)

The 13th and final Technical Meeting was hosted by IAI from 25th – 27th March 2014 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The meeting contained the presentation of all Pilot Projects. Each partner gave an overview of starting position, procedure in terms of the applied tailored DfA methodology, achieved results, next steps and a qualitative assessment of usesage and benefit oft he DfA methodology (incl. DfA Tool). In accordance to the positive quantitavie evaluation results, presented in the previous Technical-XII Meeting, industry partners stated to apply the DfA methodology beyond the Amisa project. At this, the tailorable and scalable setup oft he DfA methodology allows an efficient adaption also for other systems and products.

Also further exploitation plans were discussed and decided.

We were also happy to welcome Prof. Tyson Browning, one of our research partners from the United States. He presented an approach regarding „Unusual DSM applications“, e.g. for analysing socio-technical systems or risk analyses.


TM13 1

 The Amisa-Team in front of IAI



TM13 3

 Our Amisa project coordinator and our host from IAI



TM13 2

 Presentationsand discussions