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NordDesign 2012 Conference in Aalborg, Danmark

During the NordDesign 2012 Conference in Aalborg, Danmark, we presented the paper "Design for Adaptability – Identifying Potential forImprovement on an Architecture Basis" by Kissel, Schrieverhoff and Lindemann.


You can download the paper here.

Abstract: "Adaptability provides additional value to stakeholders over the whole life-cycle. But the systematic design of product life-cycle properties into complex systems constitutes an ambiguous task. Design for Adaptability (DfA) is an evolving topic in both science and industry. However, the transformation of a system to a desired “amount” of adaptability is
impeded by lack of transparency of dependencies among system elements and their vague influence on the properties. Therefore, we present methodology, which allows improving systematically the adaptability of a system. The first step clarifies of the adaptability business case. Then, the system model is generated and analyzed. Dependent on the business case measures for improvement can be derived. At the example of an automotive braking system for an electric vehicle, we demonstrated the application of the methodology."