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Technical-IV meeting (TTI - Santander)

From the 13th until 15th December 2011, the Technical Meeting IV of the AMISA consortium took place in Santander (Spain) hosted by TTI. Beside the universities TAU and TUM, further industrial partners who attended the meeting were MAG switzerland, Tetra Pak, IAI and Optoelectronica. Every member introduced an example to the entire consortium in terms of the evolutionary forecast and the interface cost calculation. Tetra Pak presented “Cap applicators for Tetra Pak packages”, MAG switzerland “Production line for crystalline silicon modules “, IAI “Vehicle Localization System”, TTI “Solid State Power Amplifier” and Optoelectronica “Hologram Production Line”.

Ensuing, TUM presented a concept for the evaluation of adaptability and an “Automotive Breaking System” as a mechanical example for it. Another point of the meeting was to discuss the AMISA brochure.

Furthermore, Avner Engel (TAU) presented the current status of the DFA-Tool and demonstrated it as well as the GA-Demo and the UAV-System optimization. The GA-Demo is a prototypical tool to optimize the modularization of the system architecture regarding to its architecture value via the genetic algorithm. Additionally, Engel presented the theory of optimization and the genetic algorithm. 

On the last day, the AMISA consortium met representatives of the consortium of the COPERNICO project (http://www.copernico.co/). COPERNICO and AMISA presented a detailed project description of the projects and the meeting ended in a fruitful discussion between members of both projects.


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