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2. DFA-Tool Training and Assimilation Kit – Part-A (For software RLS-09)

The "DFA-Tool Training and Assimilation Kit" represents an user manual for the AMISA DFA-Tool. It describes the setup and structure as well as the functionalities and the use of the DFA-Tool.

Technical-X Meeting (MAG – Göppingen, Germany)

The 10th Technical Meeting took place in Göppingen, Germany from 18th – 20th June 2013. It was hosted by MAG IAS. This gave the opportunity to visit the MAG production site including tape layer machines for aerospace components. In the context of the project Amisa the focus is on the increased adaptability of a fully automated Fiber-Placement-Head.

During the meeting the concept of the “Amisa objectives validation” was presented. It is based on an online questionnaire for the Amisa project partners as well as companies interested in Design for Adaptability.

The meeting also included the demonstration of the latest version of the DfA-tool RLS05. Besides continuous improvements the new release contains functionalities and metrics for managing variants in the context of Design for Adaptability.




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