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Amisa - Objectives

AMISA expects to deliver a step-change in the performance of European industry characterized by a higher reactivity to customer needs and a more economical production lines, product systems and customer services. More specifically, AMISA objectives are:

  • Objective-1. Develop a generic (widely applicable) and tailorable quantitative and usable method for architecting systems for optimal adaptability to unforeseen future changes in stakeholder needs and technology development. Such systems will exhibit better cost-efficiency, longer lifetime as well as reduced cycle time, thus, provide more value to stakeholders.

  • Objective-2. Validate and prove the methodology by means of real-life pilot projects in order to provide concrete evidence that it is 1) Generic and tailorable, 2) Scalable, 3) Usable and 4) Cost effective.

  • Objective-3. Show by the end of the project, that reconfiguring manufacturing systems or products/services designed for adaptability, yield savings either in cost or cycle time or a combination thereof.

  • Objective-4. Show by the end of the project, that the lifespan of manufacturing systems or products/services designed for adaptability increases.

    Objective-5. Show that systems yielding more service for a longer duration will exhibit the following qualitative benefits: (1) during the manufacturing process, the overall usage of natural resources and energy consumption as well as the overall pollution and byproduct waste will be reduced (2) adaptable systems will be more amenable to sustained evolving regulatory framework (i.e. environmental, health, safety, etc.)