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Amisa - The Project

AMISA is a project funded by the European Commission in context of the 7th Framework (Contract Number 262907). Companies and researchers from six countries - Italy, Spain, Israel, Romania, Switzerland and Germany - work together to develop methodologies to design manufacturing industries and systems more adaptable to future needs.

Amisa - The Problem

Manufacturing industries, system products and customer services provide value through their ability to fulfill stakeholders‘ needs and wants. These needs evolve over time and may diverge from an original system‘s capabilities. Thus, a system‘s value to its stakeholders diminishes over time. Some reasons for this decrease include growth in stakeholder wants and technological opportunities, which make an existing system seem inadequate.

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Amisa - Objectives

AMISA expects to deliver a step-change in the performance of European industry characterized by a higher reactivity to customer needs and a more economical production lines, product systems and customer services. More specifically, AMISA objectives are:

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Amisa - Pilot projects

The pilot projects are a vital component of AMISA. Here, we will assess the viability and effectiveness of the DFA Methodology and Economic Model under true, real-life industrial conditions. The following table summarizes the six pilot projects.

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Approach of the Amisa Project

We seek to develop a next-generation technology for model-based architecting of adaptable systems. Such systems will achieve increased cost-efficiencies, reduced production and development cycle times, and longer, more valuable lifetimes. This technology will also be harmonized with relevant Intelligent Manufacturing System (IMS) projects and European standards.

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